Design Case Study: Kirika Fitness

Kirika Case Study

Case Study Designs is our web series on some of the best work we do for our clients. Today, we analyze Kirika, a fitness consultant that approached us to help build out the her digital presence.

Kirika is a fitness consultant that approached us early this year to build out a clean blog for the purpose of educating their clients on fitness and health. With this approach in mind, and knowing that our client isn’t very tech savvy, we determined that the best approach would be a custom parallax WordPress theme. Following the simplistic requirements of Kirika, we kept the theme clean, one-dimensional and easily manageable from a user experience perspective.

What resulted was a simplistic theme in the most literal sense. The homepage is completely plain and white, with the option to add some character with a hero image. This parallax front page keeps the focus on the quality of the content and keeps the user engaged as they navigate down. This layout and design is consistent for both individual pages and posts, keeping the content centered for the readers attention. With WordPress integration, Kirika is able to benefit from the benefits of easy customization and plugin integration.

Since its design and deployment, Kirika has utilized it to educate their clients and has provided feedback on the effectiveness both from a practical and business standpoint. A web presence for Kirika has enabled them to build and foster an online audience they can later convert into paying fitness clients.